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Why Choose Us

Western Overseas is a flexible, fast-moving, independent company with all the resources and capabilities of the largest customhouse brokers and freight forwarders. No job is too small, too large, too unusual or too routine for us, and every client gets our full attention and personal approach.

With a history dating back more than 60 years, Western Overseas has longstanding relationships with U.S. Customs & Border Protection, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Maritime Commission and dozens of other regulatory agencies.

Headquartered at the port complex in Southern California, Western Overseas has branch offices at every major U.S. port and gateway, and representatives throughout the world. Our licensed customs brokers and forwarders have in-depth experience that spans the entire spectrum of international trade. We stay up to date with trends affecting our clients, and pass that knowledge on to our customers.

With Western Overseas, you get a partner who is eager to conform to your unique needs and help you navigate the complex world of international trade.