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Customer Portal

Whether we are your customs broker, shipping your goods or storing them, you can stay up to date with your cargo and inventory through our website tools. Our flexible and user-friendly system allows our clients to get the information they need, in the form they prefer, instantly.

Report Builder

With our report builder tool, our clients can crunch their numbers from any direction. The customizable interface allows users to search imports and exports, add and remove criteria, calculate landed cost and more.

Landed Cost

As your customs broker, freight forwarder and warehousing provider, Western Overseas can help you simplify your bookkeeping with our landed cost calculator. Clients can keep track of charges and estimates with the most up-to-date information possible.

Event Notification

Event Notification offers real-time emails to our clients whenever an “event” occurs with their shipment such as Customs Release, Customs Exam, FDA Release, FDA Exam, etc. It was designed to save our clients time and money by eliminating the need to follow up on the status of their shipment. Importers simply need to provide us with the names and email addresses of the parties to whom these automatic emails should be sent. It’s a simple and effective way for our clients to manage and track their import shipments.

Trace Track

At Western Overseas, we understand that having the latest information about a shipment can help you make time-sensitive decisions. We have designed our tracking system to share the most information we can with our clients.

Document Imaging

Our document imaging system allows our customers to access PDF versions of pertinent shipment documents. These documents can be viewed, downloaded and printed and are available for up to five years as required by Customs. The annual fee for digital document storage and retrieval is $95.00 and invoiced at the beginning of each calendar year.

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