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Western Overseas understands that your product is unique.  Our customs brokerage staff has decades of experience classifying and processing almost every type of product imaginable.  Our experience provides us with the knowledge to not only find the most favorable classification rate for our customers, but to be sure it is compliant with Customs guidelines.

Our reputation with U.S. Customs, the Food & Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture (FDA), and twenty additional agencies enables us to give the highest level of customer service while ensuring that all regulations are upheld.  We routinely handle complex clearance for commodities such as alcohol, fresh produce, apparel and footwear, automobiles and personal effects, steel products, vessel spares, fireworks, medical devices, seafood and other foodstuffs.


Western Overseas is well versed in carnets and DCASR.  We employ experts in many specialized areas of customs brokerage fields.


Contact us to tell us what you plan to ship and we’ll let you know how we can provide assistance.