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Ocean Import

It can be hard for buyers in the U.S. to describe and book shipments according to Federal Maritime Commission regulations. Western Overseas can help.

Many importers miscalculate the cost of their goods because of unknown charges upon arrival at their destination. Get an accurate picture by requesting a quote. Our ocean import forwarding team specializes in break bulk and can start working for you before you place your order. We negotiate service contracts with different carriers and can program rates and transit times to suit budgets and meet deadlines. We can also help you understand your terms of sale.

Our experience and efficiency will keep the shipment on schedule and avoid storage charges and additional fees. Simply complete a routing order to enable Western Overseas to communicate with the seller and keep you posted on the status of the goods. In most cases, we receive an arrival notice before the vessel reaches its final destination. A local Western Overseas representative will assist you on the ground so you won't have to worry about a language barrier or time difference.

We will be your sole point of contact and notify you as soon as a bill of lading is issued.
Western Overseas is a licensed customs broker, so you will have an expert in international shipping and legal compliance looking out for you at all stages of the process.

Get started with a quote.


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