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Frequently Asked Questions and Forms

  • How do I open an account with Western Overseas?

    Western Overseas believes in simplifying the Import and Export process. However, in order to be your international transportation partner, we require you complete the following forms to allow us to serve you and your firm most effectivelly.

    You will need Adobe Reader to use these forms.

    Power of Attorney (83 kb.)

    Client Info (619 kb.)

    Credit Application (401 kb.)

    Import Questionaire (784 kb.)

    Authorization for Release of Information (736 kb.)
  • How do I make payments with a credit card?

    Western Overseas Corporation and Seahorse Container Lines, Inc. accept payment by credit card (AMEX, VISA and MC). Please click on the appropriate form below to enter the relevant data. Submit the completed form along with a copy of the credit card and the payor’s valid ID, via e-mail to (AR@westernoverseas.com) or fax to (562-986-1367). Payments by credit card will not be processed unless we have received a completed copy of the Credit Card Deposit form along with a copy of both the credit card and the payor’s valid ID. Note - the name on the credit card must match the name on the ID.

    Import Credit Card Deposit Form (631 kb.)

    Export Credit Card Deposit Form (528 kb.)

  • How do I get my shipment cleared through Customs?

    In order to utilize our services to clear your import shipment through U.S. Customs, you must first designate Western Overseas as your Customs Broker by providing us with some basic information about your company. Please see the preceding section How to open an account with Western Overseas.

    Secondly, you will need to provide us with shipping documents and/or some information about your incoming shipment. The basic documents we need in order to prepare a Customs entry are:

    • The seller’s commercial invoice
    • A packing list
    • Either a copy of the airwaybill (air freight shipments) or the bill of lading (ocean freight shipments).

    In some cases we may need the original of the invoice or bill of lading and we will advise you if that is the case. In the event your cargo is arriving by air, you may not have any documents as they may be sent with the cargo. In this case, we will need the airwaybill number in order to trace the shipment. If you have an import shipment which needs Customs clearance, please contact your closest Western Overseas office or send us an email at: sales@westernoverseas.com

  • How do I obtain an international freight quotation?

    In order for us to process your request for an international freight quotation, please contact our staff by selecting the request a quote link and provide us your shipping information. Please be as complete as possible when providing shipping information. Please indicate zip codes and final destination addresses.

  • How do I book my export shipment?

    Booking an export shipment is easy. Please accurately complete and submit the Shippers Letter of Instruction form. Be as complete as possible when indicating shipping, and receiving addresses and locations. Western Overseas staff members will email you a booking confirmation to allow you to review details before shipping. Should you have any remaining questions, Please email or telephone your local Western Overseas office.

  • How can I View and Download my shipment related documents?

    As per US Customs Regulations, WOC retains all shipment related documents for 5 years. The annual fee for digital document storage and retrieval is $95.00 and invoiced at the beginning of each calendar year.

  • How do I obtain insurance coverage for my cargo?

    For your easy reference, we have provided the following Cargo Insurance Guide. Please read the short document outlining the most appropriate ways of protecting your investment and your cargo. After reviewing the instructions, please contact your local Western Overseas Office for answers to specific questions regarding your cargo.