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New Client - Import

Basic Information for new Importer.

Importing can be difficult.  With over 50 years of experience and a staff of professionals familiar with every aspect of the importing process as well as the myriad of federal regulations, Western Overseas can make a sometimes overwhelming process reasonably understandable, efficient and cost effective.  Customs brokers are licensed to act as agents for commercial companies importing goods to the USA. Customs brokers provide release instructions to U.S. Customs as well as other government agencies to permit the flow of imported goods. Customs brokers classify the goods according to the current U.S. Tariff schedule to apply duties and taxes owed to U.S. Customs. With the constantly changing rules and regulations, employing a customs broker makes good business sense.

If the seller or shipper of your cargo is not arranging the transportation of your goods from origin to the U.S., Western Overseas can arrange that as well. We are a Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)-licensed Freight Forwarder with agents around the world.

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If you have already decided to use our services, you must first designate Western Overseas as your customs broker or freight forwarder by providing us with some basic information about your company. Click here to get started.

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