Modern shipping and logistics solutions custom tailored to your Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce business.

Columbia Distribution, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Overseas Corporation, is a full-service Amazon Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment company. Our advanced technology integrates seamlessly with online retail platforms like Amazon and Shopify, so when a customer completes an order on your website, we are notified of the order and pick, pack, and ship that order accordingly. Additionally, we store your goods securely and efficiently in one of our own or designated warehouses throughout the country and at ports on the East and West Coasts. Our bi-coastal approach allows for fulfillment within two days anywhere in the US. It also means lower costs and faster turnaround for our clients.

Direct-To-Consumer Services

Our services include:

• Order fulfillment

• B2B fulfillment

• Kitting and Assembly

• Returns Processing

• Website and shopping cart integrations

• Storage & Warehousing