Modern shipping and logistics solutions custom tailored to your FBA business.

Columbia Distribution, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Overseas Corporation, is a full-service Amazon prep and shipping company. Amazon has strict rules and regulations for Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) sellers and failure to follow all of them could lead to penalty fees, poor ratings, or even being removed as an approved Amazon seller. It is therefore recommended that Amazon sellers partner with a full-service Amazon freight forwarder. As your FBA shipping partner, we are able to receive your inventory on your behalf, store your products, prepare them according to Amazon’s guidelines, repackage them appropriately, and ship your inventory to the respective Amazon fulfillment center within the United States.

FBA Services

Our services include:

• Order fulfillment

• B2B fulfillment

• Kitting and Assembly

• Returns Processing

• Website and shopping cart integrations

• Storage & Warehousing