Tracking & Tracing

The New Face of Shipment Technology

Cloud-based portal to plan, track, and streamline logistics operations. Built by technologists with an eye for clear user experience, flexible roadmap, ever-evolving capabilities.


Start Tracking

Shipments Command Center

A rich, interactive, landing experience, updated in real-time.

24/7 access to:
1. The status of your shipments.
2. Shipments you need to take action on.
3. Robust filtering and sorting to find the shipments you care about most.

Customizable UI

By "UI" we mean User Interface. You have a lot of data to manage, so we make it easy for you to view and personalize your dashboard experience.

Smart defaults always ensure the right information is at your fingertips.

Insightful Shipment Details

Ready to learn more about a specific shipment? That's what the shipment details page is for.

View shipment details such as status, ETA/ATA, carrier information, Cargo information, as well as all documents related to a shipment.

Statement of Accounts

View all of your transactions easily at anytime without burdening your Operations or Accounting teams.

Internal teams can be proactively notified when invoices are due and accounts are in arrears.