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Canned Seafood Manufacturer

Canned Seafood Manufacturer

About Canned Seafood Manufacturer

This client is one of the largest branded shelf-stable seafood companies in North America, offering a full line of canned and pouched tuna, salmon, sardines and specialty seafood products. The brand has established significant consumer awareness and loyalty based on the quality, nutritional value, and affordability of its products.

Services Provided:

  • Customs Brokerage
  • Air Freight Forwarding
  • Land Freight Forwarding
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Advanced Programming

Getting Started

Supply chain solutions for food products, especially seafood, bring more intricacies then other products as they require strict temperature parameters to be met, as well as complying with sanitation and cross-contamination restrictions. On-time delivery and visibility of these shipments is incredibly important to ensure freshness and product quality. This client has chosen to work with numerous Customs and freight forwarding companies, including Western Overseas Corporation to insure that product is constantly moving and delivering.


Temperature Controlled Transportation

For this seafood company, temperature controlled shipping containers that meet regulatory specifications and requirements is the number one priority, as monitoring container temperatures not only ensures that products don’t spoil, they also prolong the life of the product.

Time-sensitive Supply Chain Accountability

With the food and beverage segment, timely delivery is essential to maintaining the quality of the product as well as to keeping grocery shelves and restaurants properly stocked. This client requires on-time delivery because any late deliveries could be detrimental to their business.

Purchase Order Management System Integration

This client requires that their purchase order management system integrate with their supply chain management so that they can monitor, track and trace their shipments in order to update their customers and manage inventory.


  • Western Overseas Corporation safely and reliably ships perishable food and beverages with our multi-temperature controlled containers anywhere in the world. We monitor the temperatures of containers to ensure they meet customer and regulatory specifications and requirements to properly transport food products safely and to maintain the product’s quality and shelf life. Additionally, our warehouses meet FDA standards and are FDA registered
  • The timing of food product delivery is crucial as any delays could affect the quality of the product and have a major impact on the final client’s inventory and bottom line. WOC has a full team of experienced Food & Beverage brokers that are well-versed with all of the industry specific terms and regulations for this segment to quickly move shipments from their origin to their final destination. Additionally, we have the detailed knowledge of the Customs, FDA, USDA, Prior Notice, AMS, etc. requirements to ship Food & Beverage-related products quickly and efficiently. We also have a thorough understanding of specific store and vendor requirements and coordinate delivery between vendors and their final destination
  • WOC’s advanced tracking system technology is able to integrate with this company’s purchase order management system to create, document, and track shipments so that anyone at their company has visibility of their supply chain and real-time status of their shipments. This daily reporting helps this client plan inventory levels in their warehouse and be proactive with reordering products. Our web-based shipment tracking system allows this client to have full visibility and control of their supply chain so they can be confident that their products are delivered on time.