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OE Distribution

About OE Distributor

This client is a market-leading distributor of quality Original Equipment (OE) auto and truck replacement parts. With a growing number of warehouses across the country, they have developed faster methods for their customers to access their program of over 70,000 part numbers for German, Swedish, British, Asian, and Domestic vehicles.

This automobile parts distributor has developed an extensive catalog of parts that matches the import vehicles on the road. They source original parts from OEM manufacturers as well as the highest quality aftermarket suppliers. By having relationships with more than 300 suppliers from over 40 countries, their company guarantees the best fit and the highest quality replacement products available

Services Provided:

  • Customs Brokerage

Getting Started

The transport of OE auto and truck parts involves long and complicated entries with over 1000 line items and tens of thousands of SKU’s. Extensive product knowledge and industry experience, specifically knowledge of line item entry and the Customs requirements for each individual product, is extremely important to the success of transporting this highly complicated commodity. This client needs a Customs Brokerage partner who can give them the close attention to detail needed to quickly and efficiently identify the unique shipping requirements for any truck and/or automobile part. Additionally, they need a partner who has in-depth knowledge of Customs' requirements for this unique commodity.


Customs Clearance of Thousands of Different SKU's

Western Overseas Corporation was working with this OE company for Customs Brokerage for about three years when the company was enticed by a competitor to switch their services away from WOC. The company left WOC, but after 30 days of working with the competitor, not one of their items had been cleared through Customs. As a result, their production had come to a grinding halt. The OE company contacted WOC and informed them of their critical situation. By the end of that same day, WOC got all of the documentation for the customer's shipments and began getting their products cleared. With Western Overseas Corporation’s experience and high-level knowledge for this commodity, they knew exactly how to clear Customs quickly and efficiently. WOC won the company back and was able to keep production flowing so that the company did not lose money or business.


  • Western Overseas Corporation's streamlined classification process and robust database of thousands of auto parts, gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently identify the unique shipping requirements for all automobile parts. This allows for a quicker Customs process, immediate audit solutions, and a minimization of disruptions in the shipment of auto and truck part orders
  • With over 40 years of experience in the global shipping of OE industry products, Western Overseas Corporation has become an expert in passing these unique products through Customs quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our years of experience has given us the ability to provide a full-range of tailored international automotive shipping and logistics solutions necessary for OEMs, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and service centers importing and exporting automobiles, automobile parts, automobile accessories, and automobile products to ship their products to the United States and anywhere in the world.