Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

When you need to get your cargo through Customs quickly and efficiently...we deliver.

In order to effectively move any product from a carrier to a destination, you need to have the correct documentation for the government's Customs department in the country of import. As documentation specialists, we work with Distributors, Manufacturers, Logistics Executives, and E-Commerce businesses to prepare all paperwork, merchandise appraisals, and all of the classifications required to move cargo from importing carrier to ultimate consignee. Our staff remains current with constantly changing Customs regulations and Treasury decisions to insure proper classification and compliance with existing law. We further evaluate the manner in which the Customs Service appraises merchandise and are available to review liquidations and regulatory decisions.

We are licensed by the Homeland Security Department, Federal Maritime Commission, Interstate Commerce Commission and several entities as required.

Our drawback specialists work closely with clients to obtain duty refunds for qualified merchandise. Additionally, our special services experts assist with a myriad of requirements from advisor rulings on tariff rates to developing complicated quotes on unusual movements.

When it comes to international shipping, every detail is important. We provide only the most professional and meticulous attention to every aspect of international banking, Customs tariffs and regulations, carrier schedules and port operations. Our detail-focused brokers ensure that all decisions affecting a shipment are complete and that your cargo moves swiftly and smoothly through Customs and complies with all regulations.

With over 40 years of experience, our seasoned Customs Brokers are comfortable working to clear any type of product or commodity through your country of import. We understand that your product is unique. Our Customs Brokerage specialists have decades of experience classifying and processing almost every type of product imaginable. We have the knowledge to not only find the most favorable classification rate for our customers, but to also ensure it is compliant with Customs guidelines. From highly-regulated Pharmaceuticals and Liquor, to the small parcels of E-Commerce, our highly-trained staff possesses the expertise needed to keep your business moving.

We offer a superior level of service and advanced technological tools for all aspects of the import process, including communicating with suppliers, Customs clearance, clearance by other government agencies, and door-to-door delivery.

Our departments work in tandem to offer you a seamless full-service global shipping experience, ensuring prompt, reliable and intact transportation of every type of cargo across the world.

No need to work with numerous companies to handle your global shipping, Western Overseas Corporation is your all-in-one, seamless solution to transporting your goods across borders, door-to-door, from origin to destination.

Customs Brokerage Services

Our services include:

• Customs clearance

• Participating government agency clearances

• Importer security filing

• Carnet Services

• Surety Bonds

• Permits and licences

• Website document visibility

• Real-time website event visibility

• Real-time email event notification

• Real-time website tracking

• Customer product profiles

• Customized automated reports for all services

• Import process consulting

• Customs compliance services

• Post entry services

• Other customized services upon request